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Pneumatic Nailers - Air  Staplers - Electric  Staplers - Manual Staplers
Spenax Hog Ring Tools - Manual Hog Ring Pliers - Hartco Clip Tools - Machines
Buy the right tools and fasteners at the right place at the right price - buy now at ocfastening.com!

Air Nailers - Stick Nailers - Coil Nailers

Air - Electric - Manual Staplers


From start to finish, we have your nailing solution. Extra heavy-duty framing stick nailers and heavy-duty sheathing coil nailers. Shop for finish nailers, brad nailers, mitre nailers and pin nailers.

Manual staplers, electric staplers or pneumatic staplers - air staplers make your job easier. We have the staplers and staples for your application all at the right price from ocfastening.com!


Air Nails - Stick Nails - Coil Nails

Staples - Stitching Wire

  Buy pneumatic finish nails, brads, pins and corrugated fasteners are here at discounted prices online at ocfastening.com!Galvanized staples, stainless steel staples, staples with color options and aluminum staples at ocfastening.com are available now!
  Air Nailers and Air Nails Include:Staplers and Staples Include:

Manual Hog Ring Pliers

LockNail™ Machines


Pneumatic Spenax Hog Ring Tools

Hartco Clip Machines - Clip Tools


For fast, efficient fastening, we have your collated hog ring solution. Heavy-duty pneumatic hog ring tools and manual hog ring pliers are here at ocfastening.com!

Buy pneumatic clinch clip tools and clip machines or LockNail™ system to reduce job costs and operator fatigue. Increase production now online at ocfastening.com!


Spenax Hog Rings

LockNails™ - Hartco Clinch Clips


C Hog Rings - D Hog Rings

Hartco Spring Anchor Clips

  Buy Spenax pneumatic hog ring tools and manual hog ring pliers or galvanized hog rings, stainless steel hog rings or aluminum hog rings.

Buy Hartco clinch clips, spring anchor clips and LockNails™. Galvanized clips, stainless steel clips and aluminum clips at discounted prices.

  Hog Ringer and Hog Ring Applications Include:Clip Tools and Clips Applications Include:
  • Small to Large Bag Closure (Plastic, Cloth, Mesh)
  • Oil Absorption Socks
  • Caging, Lobster Traps, Bait Bags
  • Auto Seats, Auto Control Cables, Upholstery
  • Novelty Items, Arts & Crafts
  • Bungee Cords, Cables, Picture Wire, Light Wire to Wire
  • Rope Tying, Small Rope, Large Ropes
  • Cargo Nets, Bird Control Netting
  • Sports Netting  to Cable or Rope
  • Bedding - Ticking to Inner Spring/Border Wire, Pocketed Coils
  • Loop Forming - Quick Knot Replacements For Low & Medium Force Applications
  • Concrete Welded Wire
  • Silt Fence, Securing Coiled Razor Wire, Windscreen
  • Insulation
  • Nursery (Root Ball , Pot Tagging)
  • Auto Seats
  • Animal Cages with hinge applications
  • Bird Feeders
  • Bedding frame rail spring clip machines
  • Chair frame rail spring clip machines
  • Loveseats frame rail spring clip machines
  • Sofa frame rail spring clip machines
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Security Fence
  • Razor Wire
  • Concertina Security Fence
  • Wire Forms For Concrete Pipe
  • Construction, Impact Panels
  • The LockNail™ system is a competitively priced upholstery panel nailing system



Order Hog Ring Tools and Hog Rings

Order Clinch Clips -Spring Anchor Clips - LockNails™ to Fit:

  • The LockNail™ System
  • Hartco Pneumatic Clinch Clip Tools
  • Hartco Automated Clip Machines
  • Hartco Manual Clinch Clip Tools




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