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You and others working around you can be seriously injured by fastener driving tools if you do not follow the instructions provided on the tool and in the operations manual.  Used properly, these tools provide easy, safe, and efficient methods for driving nails and staples and closing rings and clips.

REFER to your Operations Manual, Parts List, or call MAC Fastening Corp.™ Customer Service at  (714) 895-4200 if any of the terms used below are unfamiliar to you.



Bostitch offers two types of triggers for pneumatic tools:  Contact Trip (black trigger) and Sequential Trip (silver-gray trigger).  However, some of our fastening tools come with a Trigger Only or an Auto Fire feature.  Each trigger has specific advantages.  For example, the Contact Trip is best suited for high volume rapid nailing or stapling where exact placement of the fastener is not important.  The Sequential Trip is best suited for applications where rapid nailing is not required or where the exact placement of the fasteners is important.  The Trigger only operation can be used where the work piece contact is not practical because of the specific operation performed by the fastener driving tool.  The Auto Fire trigger can be used in applications where multiple fasteners need to be placed as quickly as possible. Your application should be evaluated to determine which trigger is best.



 A Bostitch tool with the Contact Trip (black trigger) installed will drive a nail whenever both the trip and the trigger are depressed at the same time.

The tool can be used to rapidly drive nails by holding the trigger pulled and repeatedly bumping the trip against the work to be nailed (Bump Nailing).  A nail is driven each time the trip is bumped against the work.

The Contact Trip (black trigger) will not prevent a nail from being accidentally driven if the trigger is held, pulled and the trip is bumped against any object or person.  Never hold or carry the tool with your finger on the trigger unless driving fasteners.

The Contact Trip (black trigger) can also be operated by holding the tool against the work with the trip depressed and then pulling the trigger (Place Nailing).

When using a Contact Trip for Place Nailing, the tool may bounce due to recoil and if the tool is allowed to re-contact the work surface while you are holding the trigger pulled, a second nail will be driven.  The operator should allow the tool to recoil far enough to release the trip and avoid a second cycle.  Don’t push the tool down extra hard, let the tool do the work.



 The Sequential Trip (silver-gray trigger) offers a positive safety advantage since it will not accidentally drive a nail if the tool is bumped against any surface or anybody while the operator is holding the tool with the trigger pulled.

It also allows Place Nailing without the possibility of driving a second nail on recoil as described under “Contact Trip”.

The Sequential Trip (silver-gray trigger) gets its name from the “sequence” required to operate the tool.  To drive a nail, the operator must first depress the trip against the work and then pull the trigger.  To drive a second nail, the operator must lift the tool from the work, release the trigger, and then repeat the above sequence.



Trigger operated tools are operated by trigger alone and are intended for use only where a sequential or contract trip cannot be used.  Tool operation by Trigger Only is used on some tools which can drive only small fasteners.  Trigger Only operation is also available on some larger models for use where the contact arm – “work piece contact” – is not practical because of the specific operations performed by the fastener driving tool.



Some small staplers come with an Auto Fire feature.  Some applications such as attaching fabric to wood require multiple staples to be applied quickly as possible, the operator makes contact with the work piece, depresses the trigger and moves the tool across the piece.  The tool will fire staples as long as the trigger is depressed.  Care must be taken to only activate the trigger when tool nose is in contact with the work piece.

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